Pros and Cons of Same-Day Crowns

Pros and Cons of Same-Day Crowns

Sep 01, 2020

A damaged tooth is not something you can keep overlooking. If anything, the longer you leave it untreated, the higher the chances that you will need emergency treatment. Before your oral problem advances into a critical dental problem that threatens your entire oral health, you must consider dental treatment with dental crowns.

Are you considering getting your tooth treated with same-day crowns in Massapequa? While they may be similar to traditional dental crowns, they are different. They are also known as CEREC® crowns, giving patients an entirely different experience. If you have always dreaded trying out dental treatment because of how long the treatments last, you may want to consider same-day crowns in 11758 for the quick fix you want.

What Are Same-Day Dental Crowns?

They are tooth-shaped shell-like oral appliances used to repair the structures of teeth. they are a lot similar to traditional dental crowns but are different in the installation process. Usually, ​same-day crowns near you they can be made in under two hours, and be ready for installation. The process bypasses the steps involved in installing traditional dental crowns. With same-day crowns, your teeth are prepared, crowns made and installed in one dental sitting.

Same-day dental crowns are created using modern technology and ceramic material. The CAD/CAM system that is digital is used to take images of your teeth, which are then used to model the 3D dental crowns to be used for your treatment. The imaging process takes seconds, and the creation of the dental crowns lasts a couple of minutes. This way, your dental crowns are ready for installation, and your treatment is completed in a short period.

Pros of Same-Day Dental Crowns

Some of the advantages that compel patients to try out same-day dental crowns are:

  1. Natural-looking results – same-day dental crowns are carved out from a block of ceramic. The ceramic material can be color-matched to the natural color of your teeth, realizing a life-life dental crown. Aside from that, the CAD/CAM system captures, with precision, even the smallest curves, edges, and shape variances of your tooth. This then translates to a natural-looking result, that feels and looks life-like. Besides, after the tooth is fully restored, the previous damage you had is covered as if it never existed in the first place.
  2. Quick fix – it is a quick turnaround to have a damaged tooth transformed into a fully functional and healthy tooth in just one dental sitting. Since same-day dental crowns are created and installed on the same day, there is no lapse time for you to live another day without a fully restored tooth.
  3. Time-saving procedure – if you always hide behind your busy schedule and working hours as the reason for not seeking dental treatments, you have no excuse this time. Same-day dental crowns can be prepared and installed in your mouth in under 2 hours. This means that the damage in your mouth can be restored, not just in one sitting, but in such a short period.
  4. More comfortable – patients who benefit from same-day dental crowns site that they are more comfortable than traditional ones. For one, instead of the putty-like substance to take manual impressions of your teeth, same-day dental crowns use modern technology. The technology captures the details of your teeth precisely, coming up with a crown that fits on your tooth like a glove. This is what makes your experience more comfortable.
  5. Protection of your natural teeth – while dental crowns are useful for repairing your damaged tooth, they play an even bigger role of protecting your natural teeth from damage. They become the extra layer of protection that covers your teeth from harmful bacteria that and cause infection and damage.

Cons of Same-Day Dental Crowns

While there are several advantages to same-day dental crowns, they are not clear of some downsides. Some of the cons are:

  1. Lack of versatility in material – same-day dental crowns can only be carved out from ceramic material. This way, if you are interested in having a different material for your crown say gold, you may not enjoy that luxury with same-day crowns.
  2. Below the gum-line fractures – digital imaging for your tooth can only cover the crown of your tooth. This means that the machine may not properly capture the accurate impression of any damage incurred on your tooth below the gum-line.

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