Root Canal Treatments Can Prevent Unnecessary Extractions

Root Canal Treatments Can Prevent Unnecessary Extractions

Jul 01, 2020

Root Canal treatment is a critical method used by dentists to preserve teeth. You may be concerned that the treatment will be painful and cause plenty of discomforts. However, new technologies and anesthesia have turned root canals into a pain-free procedure. Present-day patients are six times likelier to describe this treatment as a painless experience than those who have a tooth extracted.

If you have decided to undergo root canal near me after understanding it will not cause extreme pain as earlier you must understand the benefits of this therapy to determine whether it is right for you or not. The decision to undergo root canal treatment begins with pain in the mouth from an inflamed or infected tooth. An evaluation by the dentist performing a root canal in Massapequa, NY, reveals that the pulp of the tooth is diseased and must be removed.

What Is a Root Canal?

Removing the infected or inflamed pulp from within the tooth is known as a root canal. After removing the pulp, the dentist thoroughly disinfects and cleans the inside of the tooth. The tooth is sealed with a unique rubber-like material called gutta-percha. Eventually, a restoration like a crown or filling is placed on the tooth to ensure you can continue biting and chewing on the tooth without problems. The process is performed under anesthesia, and you can expect to be comfortable and relaxed. You can go about your life as usual after the procedure is completed.

Why Have Root Canal Instead of Extracting the Tooth?

Today most patients understand how crucial it is to save their natural tooth. Being toothless is not an experience desired by anyone. Therefore you must understand the benefits of root canal treatment against the drawbacks of having the tooth extracted. You can certainly consider the possibility of having the tooth extracted if it is the best way forward. However, root canal treatments will allow you to preserve your natural tooth for as long as possible.

The Benefits of Root Canals

Getting rid of the pain and infection in the mouth is the most significant benefit of this treatment. The pressure is relieved by the root canal from the inflammation in the pulp of the tooth. You can get back to your everyday life within a couple of days after the treatment without the pain you were enduring.

Many patients shy away from root canal therapy, believing it is painful. Thankfully most patients do not feel any pain during the treatment and later walk away with their natural tooth still intact and functioning. The endodontic treatment allows patients to retain their smile and continue eating the foods they love the most. When combined with proper dental hygiene, the root canal treatment will last for a lifetime without issues.

Some patients visiting the dentist for a root canal in Hicksville, NY, consider aesthetics as an essential consideration. Infected teeth can become discoloredas a result of bacterial buildup in the pulp. The discoloration does not respond to teeth whitening treatments. Patients have the option of restoring the tooth with a crown to regain their natural smile. Covering a discolored tooth with a crown gives patients a tooth that looks and functions like that natural tooth.

Finally, treating the infection within the tooth through the root canal treatment, your dentist is ensuring that the disease doesn’t spread into the jawbone or the brain. Many major health issues throughout the body begin from dental problems, and therefore patients mustn’t delay getting root canal treatment for inflamed or infected teeth. The infection is dealt with expeditiously, and you can recover from the therapy in approximately 24 to 48 hours.

You may decide to have the tooth extracted because it may seem like a cheaper option but must be aware of the myths surrounding root canal treatments. If you have an infection in the pulp within your tooth, the fastest, convenient, and most affordable option available to fix the problem permanently is to undergo root canal at the earliest. Consider all the benefits mentioned in this blog before you reach the dentists office for your appointment for the therapy. You will be confident you have made the right decision to get root canal treatment before your condition aggravates further.

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