Invisalign®️ in Massapequa

Invisalign®️ in Massapequa

A crooked smile can be one of the most embarrassing issues to face. It can easily affect your self-esteem when you’re constantly embarrassed to smile. Standard metal braces effectively correct spacing and misalignments, but they can make you feel just as self-conscious.

At Sunrise Mall Dental Center, our dentists supply the option of Invisalign®️ in Massapequa. This option has its share of benefits when compared to standard braces.

About Invisalign®️ in Massapequa

Invisalign is a process that straightens crooked teeth or fixes spacing issues. To correct your teeth, our dentists size you for trays. They push on your teeth to encourage them to get into the proper position. The trays change in size every few weeks, so they gradually work to reposition your teeth.

Our dentists size the aligners based on your needs. Most patients go through 20 to 30 aligners. However, some individuals may go through less or more. It depends on your specific needs. While some people experience the optimal results in a few months, it takes a year for most people to have a complete correction.

Benefits of Invisalign Near You

When you’re determining if Invisalign in Massapequa is right for you, take into consideration that you’ll feel less self-conscious than if you’d have regular braces. Other people can’t see your invisible aligners.

Invisalign trays are removable, so you can take them out when you need to. For instance, if you’d like to chew gum, you may take your aligner out. You’ll need to make sure you wear your Invisalign aligner for at least 20 hours each day, though.

You don’t have to worry about visiting our dentists to adjust your braces because the aligners continue to change every few weeks.

Additionally, you can still take care of your teeth as normal. You may brush and floss them each daily since you can remove them.

Why Choose Us for Invisalign ?

Although you may receive Invisalign near you in other offices, our dentists strive to make your visits as positive as possible from your initial consultation to your last visit for them. Our dentists provide you with adequate patient education at your initial consultation, so you know just what to expect. We provide you with a quote regarding the estimated timeline of the process as well as the price.

At any time during your Invisalign treatment, patients are welcome to ask questions. Our dentists want you to feel comfortable with the process before, during, and after.

See what Invisalign in Massapequa can do for your smile by contacting Sunrise Mall Dental Center today for a consultation.

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