Root Canals in Massapequa, NY

Root Canals in Massapequa, NY

Choose an Experienced Dentist for Your Procedure

Even though a root canal procedure is one of the more common treatments performed by dentists today, patients must choose a dentist near them like Sunrise Mall Dental Center that have the experience and advanced technology needed to ensure a pain-free experience.

Our dentists at Sunrise Mall Dental Center have performed countless root canal procedures to help patients preserve their natural teeth for years to come. Instead of the alternative option of tooth extraction, they’d like to help preserve your smile!

Are You Wondering When a Root Canal is Recommended?

Some of the more common reasons for the procedure include treatment to stop an infection or to restore a tooth that is now too damaged to repair with a traditional filling or other restorative treatments.

You may not always have pain as a signal that it’s time for the procedure, but if you are experiencing dental pain, we can guarantee that you’ll get immediate relief once the root canal has been performed.

Let Sunrise Mall Dental Center Help You Save Your Smile

Our team is 100 percent committed to helping patients preserve their natural teeth for a lifetime. That includes using the latest technologies and equipment in our office to accurately diagnose and treat your concern – whether it’s a painful tooth that will benefit from a root canal procedure or any of the other preventive dentistry services we offer.

Questions from Patients Are Encouraged

We know that you have questions about your dental care, and our goal is to answer all of them regardless of the procedure you receive from Sunrise Mall Dental Center. There is never a question that we will not answer, and there is never a story about a previous dental experience you may have encountered that we will not listen to.

As an example, if you’ve had a previous experience that has left you with dental anxiety, we can offer solutions to help you conquer those feelings and get the treatment you need.

We Invite You to Make an Appointment Today

Every member of our compassionate dental care team is dedicated to delivering excellent dental care to you and your family, whether it’s for a root canal procedure or any of the other services we offer in general, preventive, family, and cosmetic dentistry.

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