What You Need to Know About Dental Bridges

What You Need to Know About Dental Bridges

Missing teeth are a nuisance and unsightly. Not only do they affect your appearance, but also if left unfilled they could cause bone loss. Although there are different types of solutions, dental bridges are a perfect solution as they are non-invasive. Before you come for your dental bridges in East Massapequa. NY, you need to know more about the false teeth and here are a few facts.

1. Dental Bridges Can Fix Different Dental Problems

Missing teeth are the primary reason why dental bridges are used. However, the dentist may recommend dental bridges if your teeth are cracked or chipped after an accident. Additionally, teeth that are too infected or decayed and tooth filling or root canal procedures are insufficient to fix the situation.

Dental bridges if done correctly can restore the facial structure of the face and smile. Plus, they prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting into the available spaces which weakens the dental structure.

2. There Are Different Types of Bridges

Bridges come in different versions and are used depending on your condition. If you have missing one or multiple teeth, the traditional bridges may be the best option. The bridges are made of a false tooth anchored by two dental crowns. These crowns are placed on the adjacent teeth to offer support. This means you need to have healthy teeth for the bridges to be fixed.

The cantilever bridges are used if you have a single missing tooth and it is anchored in place by one dental crown instead of two.

Maryland bridges are similar to traditional ones only that the false teeth are held in place by a framework of porcelain or metal.

Recently, there has been the adoption of implant-supported dental bridges. These types of bridges are supported by titanium posts. But, you need to have enough jaw bone for the implants to be fixed. Speak to a cosmetic dentist near you, for information if these bridges are suitable or not.

3. You Need Only Two Dental Visits

Dental bridges need two dental visits. The first appointment is for a dental examination, preparation, and molding. To fix the dental bridges, the dentist will trim your enamel depending on the severity of the condition. Your dental impression will be taken to make the permanent bridges.

It may take two to three weeks for the permanent bridges to be fixed, so in the meantime, the dentist will fix temporary ones. It is important to maintain proper hygiene and avoid eating sticky foods that may pull the temporary crowns.

The second dental visit is for fixing the bridges. The dentist will use a special cement and laser light to harden the cement.

In the first few days, the dental bridges will feel a bit odd, but with time the tongue and gums will get used to the bridges.

4. Bridges Don’t Last Forever

Bridges are semi-permanent, but with proper care, they can last between 10 and 15 years. After that, you need to have them replaced.

5. No Special Instructions, But Still Need to Care for Them

Maintaining proper dental care is the key to enhancing the longevity of the bridges. Plus, you need to get regular dental cleaning and fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth. Don’t forget to come for your bi-annual dental checkup to check for any cracks or chips on the bridges. Remember, food particles can accumulate in the available spaces and cause bacteria to grow. Also avoid taking staining foods because once the bridges discolor, you can’t whiten them.

6. Yes, There Are Alternatives

If dental bridges in East Amityville, NY are not your cup of tea, you can opt for dental implants. The implants are surgically fixed on your jawbone to provide proper support. You, however, need sufficient jawbone to support the implants or you will be subjected to various procedures to rebuild it.

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Dental bridges offer great support for your missing teeth. If you are ready to make a change, contact us or visit our dentists in our two dental clinics Broadway Mall Dental Center in Hicksville, NY, and Sunrise Mall Dental Center in Massapequa, NY.

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